Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Marie and Soul Journaling


I've been trying to catch up in the soul journal,and with these two ,it is finally up to date.
The single page prompt was  to cut random words from a magazine,find an image to match,and go with it.Fun!

            This week's prompt was "Silence your Inner Critic". Which is REALLY
                          hard to do sometimes!!!

These two pages I did for Daisy's Marie journal.I've been wanting to use this image for a really long time,and her journal was just the right size for the 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Soul Journal pages

The prompt on this first one was just "flowers". It means: In the language of flowers,Pansy means "I'm thinking of You".Pansies have always been one of my all-time favorite flowers!


The prompt for this was to write ourselves a letter 5 years from now. My letter is inside;it is too personal to share with the world!

Hope Springs Eternal?

                  Seriously. Enough is enough!!!