Wednesday, October 5, 2011


a ceiling in Vatican...notthe Sistine chapel,cause you can't take pix of that

Pieta in Vatican

Inside St. Paul's

Swiss Guard

Roman Beagle!!!



Russell Crowe,where are you?????

View from top of Colosseum

Why not to wear high heels in Rome!

Forum Foto

Three Coins in the Fountain:Trevi


Fabulous color is everywhere!

So were these guys!!!

the beautiful Pantheon

So tempting!!!

Color co-ordinated!!!

Johnny Depp/Captain Jack wannabe

GREAT pizza here!

Bountiful balcony


My two week trip to Italy was...well...fantastico!!!
I began with a week,solo. I spent three days in Rome first. I had not been to Rome since my Jr. year in college,and do not have great memories of it. It was at Christmas time,we were homesick,wet and cold,and it was crowded. I am so glad I got to go back,because I loved it! The weather was too hot actually,almost 100o a couple of days,and humid,but it was beautiful and sunny. I took two hald day walking tours,of the Vatican,and of the Antiquities.
Beauty abounds everywhere in Rome

Art is everywhere

Italian dogs have attitude!

Fall on the Tiber

Arches attract your eyes

What untold story lies here?

Vatican reflections

Unknown greats

David would be jealous!

Golden glory