Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Beautiful ladies!

In this month's Soul Journal,Ali had us do women from different time periods...

Victorian...this is my great grandma,Alice!!!Look at that hair!

 Art hommage to my favorite artist,Alphonse Mucha,the Father of Art Nouveau
                                   Art Deco
 Medieval..this background is a scrap of Gelli Plate paper I did!!
This last photo is a spread I did for my friend Linda Hill for her Moleskine journal.Her theme was Time.The clock face is from Elgin,my home town!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Keys4Art 2013

Hard to believe that his was our fourth Keys4Art!!!It was truly fabulous!!!!! I did not take many pix this time for some reason...but here are the best of what I took:
Elena rented this house for us all. It once belonged to Pablo Escobar,the infamous drug lord! You can see the special boat entrance just for keeping those drug shipments secret!

The house across the canal

                 View of our great art work space from above

                        Fantasy birds à la Dina Wakely
      A few of the yummy chocolates that Elena ordered for us!!!!!

                   Jen and Carla watching Daisy do her ink demo

Field trip to LazyDays restaurant ,minus Jacquie

                                     Jen and I
                      The best hostess EVER!!!!

                                   local color
              The specialty of the house, lobster rolls! Delicious!!!
 One of Elena's sons,Charlie...who is doing GREAT!!!!!Go Charlie!!!
                          Only in the Keys
                             ripped magazine collages
 The New Kid on the Block,Carla!!!She fit right in of course!
                      Back deck relaxation time
 Some of the TONS of FABULOUS goodies that Elena got us were the oh so cute Julie Nutting stamps!We were allso happy to get these,since Julie is one of us!
 One day some of us brave ones climbed WAY up to the lookout's the view!

We celebrated Lill's birthday only a few days late. 

 Karen and the gigantic drink blender!!Karen cooked her little butt off for us and made drinks too!
On the last night,we went to The Marlin for a farewell dinner...Jacquie made it back,bringing her adorable son,Luca...

 ...and of course Jen flirted and sang with the musician...

It was truly a wonderful week.I am blessed to know all of these ladies.
XO to you all.