Friday, May 10, 2013

Haiku Gelli journal

At this years Keys4Art,Jacquie showed us how to use a Rigid Wrap Plaster Cloth to get a GREAT texture for a book cover. Then of course we all played with our Gelli Plates that our wonderful elena had bought for all of us.I had been thinking for awhile of making a very simple book to highlight some of the many Haikus I've written in the past couple of years,mostly for the Asian journal Round Robin. I immediately knew in Key Largo what I wanted to do. I put the journal together using ony duct tape(remember,Elena?!?!?!?!LOLOL!)Then on each page is only a haiku and a simple object or picture  representing it.
I must say that I am EXTREMELY pleased with it! It is so tactile and colorful.But simple. Zen-ish. LOVE it!