Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kayaking Lake Michigan!!

  To celebrate our birthdays(of LAST year!) Mary and I finally got around to cashing in our Groupons to kayak the lakefront on the North Shore,near Wilmette.
We had a beautiful summer evening!

                             the beatiful Bahai Temple
 Northwestern campus rec building...Ben came out to wave at us from the shore!
                      Chicago skyline shimmering in the heat

Thanks Mary Sue...and Happy Birthday again! XO

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer artwork

Longtime no blog! Haven't been in the mood,I guess.....
Some recent artwork:
First,this is a tag I made for the AATCUK group swap,the them of which was vintage medical images. Fun fun fun! 
 These next four pix are of pages I made for my friend Ali's journal. She did four for my journal  in June too.We gave each other 4 themes,and worked on pages for each other's journal...a really fun concept.
Her first was "Hope" On the back of the little tag is a personal message of hope tht I have for Ali. The girl stamp is by the fabuous Julie Nutting,of course! Hi Julie!

A portrait theme led to using my Twinks!

 Ali wanted me to write a poem,so of course I did a Haiku. Background by Gelli!!!
 Summer/sun was the theme...this means "the sun makes me sing",in old Proven├žal.

 For the Ancestor's round robin,these were my pages for Karen...check out the wonderful cab card photo I used of the lady and the crocodile...Karen is from Bayou country!