Saturday, December 29, 2012

Goodbye and Good Riddance to 2012!!!

This has truly been a year of EXTREME ups  and EXTREME  downs for me . Roller-coasterish. Won't discuss them here and now,but those of you who know me well know what I mean.
I am hoping that 2013 will have more of the EXTREME ups!
I'm through with the extreme downs. Done.Over and out.
Au revoir.Adios. Bye bye.

Happy New Year to all!

Monday, December 17, 2012


These are my final pages in my Soul Journal 2012. The theme was gypsies...Ali sent me these 4 photos to use,along with quotes to choose from.
Since vintage gypsy is my favorite theme,I loved doing these.

To decorate my cover,I made a mosaic of cut up Starbucks cards that I've saved. LOVE.
Thanks,Ali,for another great year of  art journaling ideas.!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Flea Market Finds!!!

For those of you who just love going to the flea's what I came home with on Saturday...

 One of my New Year's Resolutions is to hyper-organize my studio...I saw this storge box and couldn't resist. I've always LOVED moon faces...I also got a smaller box with the same logo...
 I found a dealer who was selling these yummy hand dyed clumps of yards of silk...perfect for art journaling1
 My Asian themed art journaling Round Robin still has not these might end up in someone's journals!
 2 old,dusty amber bottles,perfect to add to my Halloween Apothecary next year,and two great cabinet cards...
 And my favorite thing: teeny sea glass colored ink bottles...

...which fit in just fine on my ink bottle shelf!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November's "Yoga" pages

 For November's theme,Ali had us do "Ascended Masters"...
 This one is Paramahansa Yogananda with the message"choose peace".
I was in a Zetti mood for this one and the next...haven't done any Zetti in a while...always love coming back to it! And I do lots of I liked these pages!

El Morya: clear and shield your energy

Paravati: positive change

Oshun:drink more water

Friday, November 16, 2012

Libro de Offrendes:Final project

So...this is my final Libro de Offrendes...
or offerings book. I really love how everyone's turned out,and especially mine!LOL.Originally,the book was supposed to closed with a ribbon. However,I found the cheapo,cool heart ring in a shop,and immediately knew I just had to put it in the center. 
All pages are a culimination of the techniques we learned and practised in the classes that weel. 
One of my favorite projects ever,and the memories to go with it as well!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A look at our final projects

Once again,our wonderful 4 instructors and coordinator!

My project! 

                           A few others among the 30!

                    Wow!!!Look at these beautiful triptychs!!!

                         A Dios,San Miguel de Allende!

A Hacienda Luncheon

 After going to the church,our field trip continued by a FABULOUS treat: Diane invited our group out to her hacienda for lunch. What an incredibly gorgeous home she has created!Her eye for design is impeccable,as is her taste in antiques. Her home should be featured in Architectural Digest! Truly.
                                 Entryway room
                             Small entryway kitchen
                            Tiny details like this....
                             ...were everywhere
                      Party room,open to the outdoors and the view
 Party room kitchen!Look at that bowl of guacamole awaiting us!!!
                            Marguerite center
                     What a gorgeous view,almost like Tuscany
             Exposed beams are part of the charming decor
              Stairs off the back patio...
                 ...leading to an outdoor 3 bed guest room!
                      So shabby chic and Mexican cool
                  This water feature goes all around the back yard

               Jane doing her "yoga poses in public places" thing

            Her head chef that day,working very hard for us
                 Diane herself,working just as hard
 My Mom had a plate just like this from a trip to Mexico.How I wish I still had it!
 There is a HUGE dining room for parties,receptions,etc.
 Diane spoke a bit about the origins of the house,her work,her goals,etc. What a dynamic lady she is!
                Outdoor grill and pizza oven!
 What a beautiful vignette,withthe sulight streaming through the ox eye window

 Her storage room,complete with chandelier! I WANT ONE TOO!
                           Still life,à la Diane
                   She collects vintage birdcages

                              Mexican colors
                                Gorgeous mirrors
                             Look at the bathtub colors!!!

Even a copper one in another bathroom

Huge door leading out to the gardens and animals

Adios!We all had just a woonderful time here.Gracias,Diane!