Saturday, February 19, 2011

Marie Antoinette Art Journal pages

These are two pages I just finished for Jen's  Marie art journal...I am very happy with them...almost hated to send them away!The "jewels" on each masque I bought at an estate sale last summer...they were just waiting for the right pages to come along!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Out of Egypt to Munich

We finally made it out of Cairo,after an unbelieveably stressful 8 hours of standing in a mob,with NO information being given out by anyone,no food,no water,no toilet paper,no flights being listed,etc.We got out thanks to our great Crystal Lake travel agent,Sue Swett,who some how managed to get us a Lufthansa flight out.We landed in Munich only to find out we were stuck there for 2 nights,because of the blizzard in Chicago!So,after a wonderful restful night,we headed into the city for a walk around(BRRR!),a fun and yummy lunch at the famous beer hall,the Haufbrauhaus,and a museum.....a fun time.
the Glockenspiel


ceiling of the beer hall


oompah band

German pastries

Cou cou cou cou!
All in all it was a fabulous vacation...even if it ended up being a bit scary! Poor Egypt...I wish her only the best for a better future.

Egypt XV

Things were obviously starting to go wrong here...groups of men were all just standing around the roadsides...
they all were carrying large sticks,even the boys...

...waiting for...a Revolution???

First sighting of a tank!

Road barricades sprung up everywhere...

We made it to the Valley of the Kings at last;we had been told the day before that we might not be able to,because of the trouble in Cairo.

One is not allowed to take pictures of orin the tombs this is my last photo...we visited the insides of four tombs,including King tut's!

alabaster worker

Morning hookah

Guard at Luxor airport inspecting underneath our bus with a mirror,checking for bombs!

time to leave now!

Linda was so worried that she decided to cover up her blond hair!

The scene at Cairo airport...BEFORE it got really crowded...I put my camera away after this shot.

Egypt XIV

Nile view from my cabin

Burning sugar cane fields added color to the sunset...

Typical street scene:Luxor


This is a really incredible temple...

...giant columns...

wonderful hieroglyphics...

...we are awestruck!

on ceiling: still vibrant colors...ALL hieroglyphics
were like this originally!

This father wanted me to speak English to his children so they could practice using it.

Avenue of Sphinxes...Luxor

Begger girl

Aga Kahn's residence