Monday, December 27, 2010

L'Evolution Artiste journalback coverpages

This circle  journal is not actually starting until February.However,I wanted to get my pages done,since I'll be in Egypt in January for a couple of weeks.
The theme is artistic evolution. My first page is entitled Fairy of the,the next artist to get my journal will evolve that theme for her 2 pages.For example,she might do a butterfly,a bird,a dragonfly....or a night theme like star or moon or sun...Say she chooses to do a sun...then the next artist in line could do the moon,the stars...or evolve to a beach theme....the possibilities are endless!
Front cover
Front cover edge
inside front cover
my first page,beginning the evolution
artist sign in page

back cover                          
 Elena again is hosting this circle journal....the wonderful Valerie B. actually made and bound everyone's journal pages so that they would all be the same size!

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  1. Beautiful pages and cover! I so have to get busy on mine but I can't make up my mind on the theme I want to do. (sigh!)