Monday, May 16, 2011

My Sister Beth

My sister of the heart,Beth Guimaraes,was from Brasil. She lived with my family during my  Junior year in high school. Growing up with three brothers,I had often longed for a sister,and Beth was it!We became very close and remained so until the day she died,last year.
Beth and I had many adventures together,even after she went back to Brasil. I visited her there a few times,and became an honorary Brasilian girl.We lounged around her coffee plantation,wore string bikinis on the beaches of Rio,went to Carnavale,and delivered food to the poor.
Beth came up here to Illinois a few more times;once ,to meet her namesake,my dughter Beth.
Our last two rendezvous were in Europe;she had married Christian Dambock,a German,and they made their home in Frankfort. She and I met once in Venice and once in Prague. In Venice we drank too many of Hemingway's famous drink,the Bellini, ate way too  much pasta,walked for miles and miles aroubnd theis wondrous city,and took a hilarious gondola ride with a new gondolier named Marco who not only sang but kept crashing us into buildings... In Prague we marvelled at the gorgeous Art Nouveau buildings, the fabulous work of my favorite artist,Alphonse Mucha,visited castles, attended classic music concerts and took another fun evening boat ride.
These pages were done for the Soul Journal felt good to be able to think of her without crying, for once. I chose vibrant colors because she,and Brasil are so very colorful.
How I miss her.


  1. Beth would have been proud to see your journal spread in her honor...I'm so happy to have found your blog, Sue. I'm enjoying looking through it. Sounds like we're soul sisters...many of the same interests...Loved your San Diego pics, too! It IS a pretty place, isn't it?
    xoxox, abby

  2. What a wonderful tribute to Beth and how lucky you are to have so many fond and happy memories. Thank you for stopping by my blog Cindy

  3. Beautiful pages Sue! You are blessed to have had such a wonderful person in your life. Your heart is comforted and thrilled by all those wonderful memories. Nobody can ever take that from you.

  4. Oh what beautiful pictures you have painted for me with your lovely words about your special sister of the heart. Brought a tear to my eyes....such a beautiful tribute and pages in her honor. I'm sure she is pleased. How very lucky that you both found each other.

  5. I'm reminded again of the importance of the sisters we have in our lives - those we were born with and those we "adopt" along the way. This was beautiful.

  6. beatifully written story, sue. sounds like you two had adventures of a lifetime together, these will always be with you, too. glad your beth was named in her honor. what an especially lovely tribute, my dear friend!
    xxo gg

  7. Mom,
    What a beautiful story and artwork you created!!!!Thats funny you did a butterfly because I love butterflies sooooooo much!