Saturday, November 26, 2011

Arizona Colors!!!

I always love going down to spend a little time in Green Valley,Arizona...just south of Tucson...where my Dad still owns a house.....I love the colors of Arizona,with all the Mexican influence.....

Blue wall


Ah...if only I had brought a larger suitcase1

I love Day of the Dead artwork!!!! Next October I am going to a town in Mexico called San Miguel de Allende for  a one week art class,where,where,with 4 different teachers, we will be making a book that will incorporate Day of the Dead artwork;we will actually BE there for the Day of the Dead celebrations!!!Cannot wait!!!

Bizarre but cool!

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LOVE the blue shutters

I am going to sketch these in a journal...

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Note the "visitor" on the wall to the left! UGH!

I took these next two pix for my friends Pattie out in Washington  and Teri in New York..... they are both cowgirls at heart!

The fabulous,gorgeous and oh so talented Laura Carson! Laura and I have been trading artwork for many years now,but had never met in person. We met this trip halfway between Green Valley and where she lives,north of Phoneix. We had a very nice,yummy lunch and was really  wonderful to finally get to meet her in person! We exchanged artwork as little gifts....below is the French themed ATC she gave me! Of course I love it! Thanks again Laura! 

Finally.......look at this cloud! I was sitting out on the patio one cloudy afternoon,looked up and saw....... what do YOU see?????the first person to  comment here and guess what I saw will win a little prize!


  1. Sue what amazing pictures!! I too love the Day of the Dead and can't wait to see it all in October! I can't wait to meet Laura - I have always loved her work and more than that, she is one of those unbelievably talented people who is always there to help and answer questions!

    The cloud looks like a plane to me!

  2. It WOULD look like a dolphin but it's missing the top fin!

  3. I'm seeing a whale. Love all your pix. You are very talented with the camera!

  4. It's a bird , it's a's an Orca from Puget Arizona?

  5. Forgot to mention, kudos to you and Laura for a meet up! I love her work, too as well as yours and I think the ATC she made is a winner! Your photos and all of the electric colors warm my's pretty grey here. Thanks for posting.

  6. Awesome pics and I think the photo is a stingray LOL! Just thinking outside of the box.

  7. Great photos. Looks like a dolphin. Or a 747... lol

  8. Hello Sue,

    if that's not a big white whale traveling through the sky, I wouldn't know anything else ! :)

    Wow, I love the colors of Mexico on your photos : most favorite is the blue but I do love their combination of bold colors : a celebration of life !

    My daughter Gaia ( 18 years) is also very fond of everything from "dios de los muertes" and she even has a tattoo on her upperarm based on this. Google the images of Sylvia G.
    Gaia has one of these girls as a tattoo and it's really beautiful and very fine with lots of details. Really a living work of art.

    Thanks for sharing your trip ànd the meeting of an online friend !!

    greetings from belgium

  9. I see a dolphin. What did you see? I love cloud gazing -- and I LOVE those beautiful horses. Thank you so much for posting them!

    I am fascinated by Mexican art in general and Day of the Dead in particular. What is the art week you are attending? It's my busiest time of the year, but I'd LOVE to try to get there...

    Beautiful photos, Sue. I may have to sketch a few of those designs for my doodle diary.

  10. Looks like a killer whale to me... wow, what a cloud!

    I used to live in Arizona also went to college there, so your photos really brought home wonderful southwest memories! Looks like it was a wonderful trip!

    And to get to meet Laura! Lucky you! She is ONE talented lady! My computer gets all wet from drooling every time I go to her blog. Wish she would come to the Keys!

    Love ya, Marita