Thursday, October 18, 2012

Potions and Poisons Halloween Apothecary

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays....So,for the last few weeks,in every spare moment,I headed up to my "lab" to create for this VERY cool  project.It was created by the amazing Laura Carson,who created it for Alpha Stamps. Laura is just an incredibly talented art designer,and WOW,did she come up with some fabulous stuff for this one!It came complete with videos tutorials on how to create the apothecary itself,the bottles,the books,the potions and on and on. I had THE most fun with this!!!!!Here are some pix of what I've done this year...I plan on adding more each year.....  



  1. Fabulous! It looks like Dr. Frankenstein's lab. I'll bet you had a lot of fun putting this together.

  2. OMG Sue!!! You really put a lot of work into this and it was totally worth it! It is gorgeous! What did you use for the cabinet?

  3. Teri,yes I did and Elena.....the cabinet is what Laura unsed,4 black boxes...this is,as I've already told you,a VERY addictive project! I plan on adding a couple more bottles or books each year. Right now even I am "Halloween-ed out"!!!

  4. Fairy Farts and Baby Burps, oh my! You have created a Booootiful exhibit of all things scary and contained. I think that you are having so much fun, Sue and it shows!
    Can't wait until next year to see the Haloween themed additions!!
    XXO Gina

  5. What a wonderful Halloween creation. I could get lost just checking out all those nooks and crannies and special potions! How fabulous that you'll be adding to it each year. This is a howling success!