Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer artwork

Longtime no blog! Haven't been in the mood,I guess.....
Some recent artwork:
First,this is a tag I made for the AATCUK group swap,the them of which was vintage medical images. Fun fun fun! 
 These next four pix are of pages I made for my friend Ali's journal. She did four for my journal  in June too.We gave each other 4 themes,and worked on pages for each other's journal...a really fun concept.
Her first was "Hope" On the back of the little tag is a personal message of hope tht I have for Ali. The girl stamp is by the fabuous Julie Nutting,of course! Hi Julie!

A portrait theme led to using my Twinks!

 Ali wanted me to write a poem,so of course I did a Haiku. Background by Gelli!!!
 Summer/sun was the theme...this means "the sun makes me sing",in old Proven├žal.

 For the Ancestor's round robin,these were my pages for Karen...check out the wonderful cab card photo I used of the lady and the crocodile...Karen is from Bayou country!

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  1. Well, you have been busy! Love it all, but am especially drawn to the colors of that gelli print (purple/green). Just gorgeous! And where on earth did you find that cabinet card of the lady and the gator? Hilarious! I know Karen got a kick out of that too.
    Ah, better way to stay cool than with art projects.