Monday, November 4, 2013

Flea Goodies

At the Kane County Flea Market last weekend,I did find a few goodies:
 Fabulous,CHEAP rings from home,I cut off the ring bands and voil√†!Great embellishments for collages,journals,mosaics.....
 More art fodder: unusual sea urchin spines,porcupine quills,sea glass beads,skull beads,pirate buttons...
 A bizarre so sure what it was.....but to me it is perfect as a bat-wing candle holder for my Halloween Apothecary!
A very cool old cupcake tin tht I have more Halloween plans for...and a great old folding ruler to use in journals as well.....

It really is true what they say:"One woman's junk is another woman's treasure!!!"LOL


  1. Those flea markets must be fabulous!

  2. What a cool haul. Porcupine quills? Fabulous!! I'm looking forward to seeing your magical transformation of these goodies.