Tuesday, July 27, 2010

some of my finished pages

I got about 8 whole pages done(out of 60)!!!Most people did way less than that,so I was pleased. What fun this was!So NON-stressful!!!


  1. These pages are fantastic! Such detail....you should be proud of what you did and how much you did. Love it!

  2. Hello Sue,

    wow again... How long did you work on this ? I think I should take me days and days...

    If you do another page, can you share some step by step photos so I can see how pages like this is built up ?
    I know you're not Teesha, but I will never be able to follow a course with her and if a student of her teaches me some of her art, I would be very happy !

    greetings from belgium

  3. I couldn't agree more, this was such a fun class!