Monday, July 26, 2010

some of Teesha's pages

Teesha Moore's class pix!I took a lotof pix of Teesha's work(with her permission of course) as well as lots from our class work.

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  1. Hello Sue,

    welcome in blogland ! :)

    Is the woman on the last picture Teesha Moore ?
    I've seen her work for the first time in true colors and just like Michelle Ward, she is one of the people who caught my eye with a very special own style.

    I like her colorful style and would love to learn from her ! Seems you have followed a class ?!
    Can you share some tips and tricks ? I especially like how she uses her writing in her journals. Does she collages first and then the writing or the other way around ?
    The text always seems to fit in perfect too ! How she does that ?...

    Please share something more..

    greetings from Belgium