Thursday, October 14, 2010

SPider! Marie Antoinette art

UGH!I HATE spiders,but love spider webs!Anyway,this big guy was on our back deck's slightly out of focus because the breeze kept moving the web.
These 2 journal pages were done for Lee in the Marie Antoinette group.Marie is trying to escape the stress of being Queen by escaping into the gardens of Versailles.She is dressed simply,and is surrounded by flowers.Her afternoon treat will be an apple tarte  using apples from her garden.The French recipe is included for Lee.


  1. Hello Sue,

    I'm always overwhelmed by all the mails of the yahoogroups and so I miss commenting on what the participants made...

    Now i see your MA for Lee, I'm happy to comment here :)
    It's a real girly and romantic creation ! You put a lot of work in adding all the flowers.
    Lucky Lee to have the French recipe of the apple tart ! :)

    greetings from belgium