Friday, October 15, 2010

Steampunk Debutante Cards!

Today I took a little class using this wonderful paper to make greeting cards.What fun!! Do I ever LOVE this paper,which uses art by my favorite artist of all time,Mucha.Here are the 6 cards that I made: :


  1. Wow Sue!!!! Thise cards are fabulous!!! I have tons and tons of this paper an am absolutely making them this weekend.

  2. I want tons and tons of this paper and Sue to teach us these cards! So very Mucha and so very Sue!!!! Love them all!
    XXO Gina

  3. Thanks you 2!Your great comments mean a lot to me! XO

  4. Sue! These cards are beyond fabulous, and though I've gotten a bit away from card making, they are inspiring me to haul out the Graphic45 folder and get busy!

  5. Hello Sue,

    gorgeous paper, but you made really beautiful cards with it too !
    I like them all, but the 3th and 4 th are my favorites. I love the butterfly on the embossed background : really an eyecatcher.
    On the next card I like the image of the lady and the colors around her and how you used the gears in the total card.

    Mucha is also one of my favorite artists of the art nouveau period.
    i haven't see the paper around here in belgium, but seeing your cards, I must keep my eyes open.

    Although I think it's very hard to cut the papers;..

    greetings from Belgium