Saturday, November 20, 2010

Arizona...another sunset and trip's end



  1. Your photos are all wonderful....makes me want to pack a bag and head west!

  2. What a beautiful sunset! All these pictures make me feel like you were in Mexico! I've always loved Mexico for it's colorful art. I have never been to Arizona but will definitely add it to my bucket list now!

  3. Hello Sue,

    I'm glad you mentioned your blogposts !

    I strolled through your different blogs with photos and enjoyed all the colors.
    I didn't know Arizona was so close to Mexico and had a lot of the colors of Mexico !
    I thought you would show me autumncolors of special trees...LOL

    I admit my geography of the different states in the US is really bad !!

    I did bought a USA map a year ago to have a better sight on it and where are my blogbuddies live, but I think I must get it out very soon...

    I really like all the bold colors you show : if we only had some more of these colors in our "grey " climate !!
    Here in Belgium people use a lot of brown and grey and darkblue... and when I come I wear aqua blue or purple... and I must admit they always look at me :)

    I just NEED colors around me and have a lot of these bright colors in my house; They really make me happy and I'm always jealous when I see the colorful clothes and the combinations they make in India !

    Mexico is similar, but the" dias de los muertes" stuff they have IS really mexico ! I loved to see the photos you showed about this too.

    thanks for sharing

    greetings from belgium

  4. Elena,Eileen and Inga...thanks lot for visiting!LOVE comments!!!XOXOXOXO