Friday, November 26, 2010

Floral Napkin /Mucha Chunky Book Art

These pages were made for Ali's upcoming swap in January...I am working ahead of time to make sure I get everything done.We had to use floral napkins as a background,and incorporate Mucha art into it. I chose to use Graphic 45's Steampunk Debutante Mucha image...I love the colors!I also used IRock bling,which I love as well!La Tentatrice means The Temptress.


  1. that's a challenge to work with!Beautiful designs Sue.. I especially love the hand stitching.. is that thread or wire on the sides?
    btw, have you been to or seen the book?
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Hello Sue,

    first of all : thank you for your comment and your encouragement on my use of English.
    It improves every day, but it's easier to talk about facts, than express feelings and thoughts in another language !
    But, Elena understood what I was trying to explain :)

    I like the use of the napkins too. I know the technique but I never used it. Maybe I should give it a try, when I see the results on paper.

    greetings from belgium

    Thanks for passing by at my blog and your comment on my seaside trip. Yes, if you ever come to Belgium, I would show you this city and do the walk "in the footsteps of Einstein".
    It's a real treasure from the past that is luckily saved.
    We do have some other great cities too : Ghent is very near, not so known as Bruges, but it has old and beautiful buildings. It's something of the past but also breathes the future.
    Brussels is also known..

    One never know if we can meet !

    Your contribution of the chunky book is my taste :)
    I already mentioned in an earlier post of you that I like Mucha too. I really must look at for this Graphic 45 paper !