Thursday, February 10, 2011

Egypt VI

   My first glimpse of the pyramids at Giza was SO incredibly thrilling!They are something that I have wanted to see ALL of my life!They are...well...incredibly awesome!Looming out of the morning smog,they were just stunning in their grandeur.I myself cannot believe that they were made by mankind,without the help of aliens!Truly!It's inpossible! And to think that at one time,they were completely covered in colored hieroglyphics!

Climbing partway up Cheops,the largest of pyramids

the noble Ship of the Desert

No photos are allowed inside the pyramids,but this is one of me coming up the stairs. Some of us were in a tomb by ourselves and chanted "OOOMMM" just to hear the Wouldn't want to be buried down there,for sure1

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