Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Our trip to Egypt was truly a trip to remember,in more ways than one! We had a wonderful wonderful 13 days,full of fascinating sites,sights,experiences, food and company .We were on two different ships,on two different bodies of water,Lake Nassar and the Nile.We had an amazing guide,Mohamed,who showed us and taught us so very much about the culture and history of his country,and with such passion. We saw many sides of Egypt:the beautiful,the ugly,the happy,the sad,the old and the new. We were the unwitting witnesses to the beginnings of a Revolution;we are all very concerned about what this is going to mean for the people of Egypt.Their lifeblood is tourism.....we are all afraid that it will never be the same again. Our last day of getting back to and out of Cairo was stressful and exhausting,but could have been much worse than it was. 
In the following days,I'll be adding some of my favorite photos from the trip.I am grateful to have seen what I saw when I did. I have dreamt of seeing Egypt all of my life!!!

My first Sphinx,in Alexandria

I made friends with these four young girls;I think they thought I was exotic as I thought they were! 

the incredible new library in Alexandria,built on the site of the old one

Papyrus making demo

Our wonderful guide,Nancy(named after Nancy Reagan!)

Swimming women in full burkas.Wow!;we are NOT in Kansas anymore!

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  1. Oh Sue! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos! We were all so worried about you, and so glad you got out safely and that the bulk of your trip was all you hoped for.
    See you in a few weeks!