Thursday, February 17, 2011

Egypt XV

Things were obviously starting to go wrong here...groups of men were all just standing around the roadsides...
they all were carrying large sticks,even the boys...

...waiting for...a Revolution???

First sighting of a tank!

Road barricades sprung up everywhere...

We made it to the Valley of the Kings at last;we had been told the day before that we might not be able to,because of the trouble in Cairo.

One is not allowed to take pictures of orin the tombs this is my last photo...we visited the insides of four tombs,including King tut's!

alabaster worker

Morning hookah

Guard at Luxor airport inspecting underneath our bus with a mirror,checking for bombs!

time to leave now!

Linda was so worried that she decided to cover up her blond hair!

The scene at Cairo airport...BEFORE it got really crowded...I put my camera away after this shot.

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  1. Oh Sue,
    So glad you are back home safe and sound! I have been checking your blog for weeks, hoping to see a new post. So happy to see all your photos, what an adventure! Incredible images and a front row view of history in the making!