Sunday, June 3, 2012

Flea Market Treasures

So.....yesterday I went to the Kane County flea Market,the largeest in the Midwest. It sure isn't what it used to be,back in the days when antiquing was a fabulous thing...however,I did manage to find myself a few treasures to use in my artwork:

 Some cool baubles that will end up in journals!

Old amusement park tokens,I think:they say "only loaned for amusement"!!! HMMMMM.....

 I have tons of these cab cards of women,but not so many of handsome young gentlemen!these were a rare find,especially at 50c each!!!

 Calling all STEAMPUNK addicts!!!Are these cool or what!?!?!?I am young enough(LOL)to not totally recognize them,but once I found out that they were vintage TV bulbs,they started to look a bit familiar.....they are stuck into the corks because the prongs are a bit sharp...they also look cool that way! Think how these would look in your Steampunk assemblages,Tim Holtz  curio boxes,etc.etc.!!!

 Seriously?!?!?What costs 19c anymore?!?!NADA. Old grovery store labels. These will be making appearances in Smash books to come I think!

 Some very very cool fabric  ribbon pieces with handwriting on them...
 I love bird images...this one has clear beads all over the robin!
 And is this gypsy just not right up my alley?
 There was a vendor selling OLD book pages that she had torn these 3 bird pages...

 ...and these incredible Japanese book pages dated  1832...I bought the very last 4 that she had...complete with worm holes,but SUCH cool paper and graphics...They are very very fragile, so I will be using them in some Asian pages soon.....

I bargained hard for this 3"clock face!!!:>:>:>

 I grew up in Elgin,Ill.,a town reknowned for the Elgin Watch Factory. This is a copper plate used  there for engravers to practice on. It says Vincit...I think he was starting to engrave "Omnia Vincit Amor"(Love Conquers All,in Latin)...but he messed up so didn't finish it..... I will use it somehow on the cover of a journal in the future...

All this for about $20. Made my day!!!


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  2. Lots of fodder for your imagination here. Loved seeing all your goodies!

  3. Man I am so jealous that you have a flea market like that to go to... what wonderful stuff you have found!!!