Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Journal Spilling

For my Soul Journal this month,Ali had us doing "journal spilling"....where you write on a page,covering the whole pages,change directions and colors,write in the opposite direction....then adding color or bits of collage elements,and perhaps adding a third or fourth layer of journaling....really fun to do,quick and easy... kind of mysterious,since only YOU know what it originally said!I'm sure I'll do it lots in the future....I am posting all 4 of the June pages together...


  1. What a cool concept!!! I really want to give this one a try since I hate journaling on pages.

  2. Loved reading this. Who is Ali?

  3. Teri... Ali is thd creator of the vintageatcuk group... She is awesome... Elena and I were trying to get her go come to K4A this year but she could not because her MS us so bad