Thursday, November 8, 2012

San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende is a beautiful,peaceful,colonial town in the middle of Mexico. It was the setting for a wonderful  8 day art retreat called Tesoro del Corazon,or Treasure of the Heart.I went down 2 days early to relax and get into the San Miguel vibe.We all stayed at the gorgeous B&B called Casa Luna,in the center of town.It was created by an amazing lady named Diane,who is one of the most talented interior decorators I have ever seen.Everywhere you looked was a scene of beauty and calm...a real oasis behind the massive doors and stone walls.

 My I would have liked to fit this mirror in my suitcase!

                                Entryway colors

                      Center courtyard with a bubbling fountain

                       Vintage art and textiles everywhere

Bonbon,one of the two official furry greeters!

                        Religious relics were in abundance...

Small details are everywhere

                  Casa Luna's door knocker,one of thousands in the town.

My favorite façade and doorway. El Grito means "shout for independance"

                  La Parroquia,the heart of the town,faces...
 ...El Jardin,the heartbeat.This park is where everyone comes to hang out,celebrate,nap,gossip,knit,kiss,and be seen. I spent lots of time here just hanging out with the locals.
 I had a lovely conversation with this much as my horrible Spanish would allow,that is.He was just so lovely to talk to.

                          Buenas noches...more tomorrow.


  1. Wonderful photos and great conversations Sue!

  2. wonderful photos. Dianne at should buy those photos from you......well done!