Monday, January 28, 2013

Cabo San Lucas & Whale Watching!!!

the Fiesta Americana,Cabo San Lucas pays to have a really good travel agent! She got me upgraded to ...THIS view from my balcony!

                    One of the beautiful infinity pools
                             The crowded beach!!!


 I found lots and lots of heart shaped coral...this is my favorite!

 I joined my college roomie,Linda(next to me) with two other ladies for some wonderful whale watching,up close and personal!

 Can I tell you how HARD it is to get a good photo of these guys?????
                           Linda took this one!

                        Adult!(amazing how cell phone photos are sometimes better than cameras!) It's like seeing a school bus jump out of the water!

                                   Still going...


Beautiful thatch patterns...
                         ...and Mexican mosaics....

Bathroom door at The Office restaurant in Cabo!
"Old" pals!

                                  Una nina
                       Beach still lifes

                          A happy dog was this!

Airport sign at check in! DARN!
                      Adios,Mexico!!!Hasta la vista!


  1. Thank you for sharing what looks like the perfect vacation. I absolutely LOVE your photography! I think my favorite is the one towards the end of the shoreline, with the receding water making a perfect circle. Beautiful!

  2. Oh you crazy girl what a fab time you are having. Good for you! Hugs Laura