Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Glimpses of art

This set of pages is for my friend Lill's Asian journal. I wove the handmade paper on the right and made the paper feather. Such yummy textures and colors!

These next 4 pages are for February's Soul Journal in the UK group. The theme,obviously ws birds: a Zetti owl,a swan,a bluebird, and our choice.

 And...mysterious glimpses into a piece that will soon be a gift for someone,so I cannot show the whole thing. What fun I had doing this! It contains everything from old clock parts to vintage buttons to old lace to old earrings...


  1. Beautiful work. Love the lace, of course.

  2. Bonjours, Madame! I love "Loiseau Bleu"... <3 Jacinte