Thursday, October 13, 2011

Umbria,still contd.

My second agritourismo was La Riserva Montebello,overlooking the volcanic Lake Bolsena. Beautiful touches everywhere

My bedroom is the upper right

Appetizers: cheese,melon,olives,and orange juice,which is BLOOD orange juice

View from my bedroom window over Lake Bolsena

the beautiful patio where all meals are served

the owner's "baby"

evening scene

sunset on the lake


the resident dog,Tito

my favorite flowers

beautiful lake road

nothing like a cold Peroni after kayaking

the Twinkle Hour

lake walking path

dinner table decoration

evening silhouette

can you see the shape of the volcano?

weeping willows

huge hydrangea bushes everywhere

still beautiful in September

fall foliage

Bolsena castle

wine store sign

lots and lots of locally produced wines

local Bolsena sculptor's works...

shades of Egypt!

Italian sense of humor!

how I wanted to take her home with me!

cactus in bloom

village beauties

the local sculptor doing a Medusa

another one of his works

this is the upper level pool at the Reserva...

rustic decorations...

hidden stairways...

and a place to relax

KIWI growing in strange formations...

who knew???

more kiwi

my last lunch at the Riserva...yummy!!!

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  1. wow wow wow. I'm totally in awe of your photography skills, Sue. Your composition and use of shadows and light is incredible.