Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Our fabulous instructors/House Walk


These were our four wonderful instructors for the week,left to right:

Lynn Leahy(reverse painted glass tiles)
Helen Shafer Garcia: paste paper and Masa paper bookmaking)
Laurie Mika(polymer clay mosaic)
Jane LaFazio(sketching and watercolor)

The lady on the left is Laurie's siter,Leslie Harris,who organized the whole retreat!She is standing next to Diane,the fabulously talented Diane,who owns the Casa Luna Bed and Breakfasts.To the right of Jane is Carmen,who is the wonderful Carmen,manager of the B&Bs.

One optional activity that alot of us opted to do was a San Miguel House Walk.We went to three fabuous houses,each quite different from the others and equally beautiful.What colors!!!

 My roomie,Linda Blinn and I.thanks for beig a great roomate,Linda!

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