Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day of the Dead Cemetery Visit

A huge part of the Day of the Dead celebration takes part in the cemeteries. People go there not only to pray,but to decorate,sing,play music,party,sweep,clean,plant,weed.There was a long vendor's lane leading to the cemetery.They were selling marigolds,which is THE flower used for this holiday. There were hundreds of thousands of them in this cemetery alone! Also the vendors were selling all sorts of food and drink to be taken into the cemetery either to be consumed,or as an offering to the loved one.Litle kids were running around in their Halloween costumes.There was a strolling Mariachi band,who played whatever the families requested at the graveside. I chose to visit later in the afternoon when it was less crowded;we were told that chances of getting in earlier in the day were slim,because of the huge crowds.

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  1. Sue, I've always been fascinated by this holiday -- from afar. It's wonderful to see photos of the actual celebration. Those marigolds are incredibly beautiful. Loved this post!